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Johnson Brothers LLC Painting

"A professional and friendly paint company serving Delaware and surrounding counties"
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Mission Statement

We protect and beautify homes the way we promise we will. Dependably and efficiently.

We raise the bar in home services. We provide amazing customer service and change the way homeowners view our industry.

Every day we strive to change the game by creating innovative ways to provide our clients with the best possible service and WOW them with the Johnson Brothers LLC experience.
Our Team IS Johnson Brothers LLC.

We grow personally and professionally by promoting and upholding a strong company culture.
We know who we are, where we are going and are proud of the Johnson Brothers LLC process.

We are well trained individuals of integrity and promise to use the finest methods, materials and equipment.

We passionately serve friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. We are The Johnson Brothers LLC Community

Johnson Brothers LLC History
Founded in October of 2008, Johnson Brothers LLC is a family owned residential/commercial painting business located on the NW side of Muncie. Initially founded by Bradley and Christopher Johnson, the company is now owned/ operated soley by Christopher Johnson, a lifelong resident of Muncie and Delaware county.  

How we cultivate trust here at Johnson Brothers LLC.

Deliver the core service right. As previous experience + word of mouth + business reputation are the drivers of loyalty then it follows that you must deliver the core service right. Specifically, it means: meet (perfectly) the basic and core customer needs; actively search for, listen to and act on the voice of your customers (including social media); and manage your business reputation.

Get it right when it really matters. Find out what events and points in the customer journey matter most to customers and get this right.

Make customer feel that you are looking after them. A great way of doing this, as mentioned earlier, is to provide information, advice, product and offers that leaves them feeling enriched (better off). Another way is to provide customers with a choice of channels that they can use to get through to you. It also means having enough human beings on hand to deal with customer enquires as opposed to putting self-service technology between you and your customers and forcing them to use it.

Ensure your staff embodies high standards of competence and ethics (honesty, acting in the customer’s best interests).

Customize the customer experience. This means being a ‘sense and respond’ organization rather than a ‘make customers fit into our standard policies and processes’. It is more than ‘treat different customers differently’ – it includes treating the same customer differently depending on the particular circumstances and emotional needs of the organization.

Act the best of human: admit mistakes, apologize (genuinely) and fix them. Whilst compensation is OK it is not enough it falls short of what we expect from considerate human beings (and organizations).

Improve communications (from the customer’s perspective) across the board. Your communications need to bear in mind the needs (and interests) of your customers. In particular the communications must be speak the language of your customers, be relevant, be concise and above all they must not mislead. Customers will forgive you for making honest mistakes but they will not forgive you for deceiving them.

Look after your existing customers. This means providing existing customers with the same products, offers, service and attention that you bestow on courting new customers.

Provide simple easy to understand and clear estimates. Don’t catch your customers out with cleverly crafted estimates written in legalese that your customers will not read and cannot understand. Do the opposite write fair estimates, spell out the benefits and cons, don’t hide stuff in the small print, and above all write estimates in a language the customers can understand.

 Transparency and integrity in pricing.